Flash Artistic Experiment: is feeling good #1

Throughout the semester I developed this Flash art/simulation/game. It was originally supposed to be a game… maybe it is I don’t know it all depends on your definition. The title is called Is Feeling Good. I reserved the name IsFeelingGood.com a few months ago and thought for a while of what could possibly be on the site. )I have a basic idea of what the site will have and will post more about it later).

Anyway, the following idea stems (literally) from procedurally created experiences. The basic instructions are:

1) Click and hold to collect particles to form a rain cloud.

2) Release to rain and grow plant on right.

If you give plants enough water they will finish growing and move to the left. If you don’t water the actively ungrown plant the plant will wither. If you collect too much water then your cloud will begin to leak. Hold even more and your cloud will turn to lightning and shoot down the active plant. There are also a bunch of other subtle things that I included that I’ll let you guess how works.

The particles come from the left in tune to the music (I use Flash 10’s sound extract() function to procedurally check the sound volume change). The trees are procedurally created and I’m happy to say that the code is highly optimized with a bunch of tricks that I used to ensure that the tree grows quickly despite a bunch of things going on screen at the same time. While creating procedurally generated trees ended up being much easier than I thought, refining the trees ended up being extremely difficult. Making a tree look like a tree is difficult to do, and I spent more time messing with the variables than actually coding it. The flash uses nearly all bitmap graphics (that’s why so many things are on the screen at the same time).

Remember, you need Flash 10 to view.

Click here to view.

Hope you enjoy!