My opinion on Steve Job’s Adobe Attack

So since some people have asked me about Steve Job’s letter against Flash, this is what I think.

I have always said that Apple doesn’t want to risk buggy system and battery life (valid reasons. and I think Apple has a right to refuse Flash until Adobe fixes problems and proves Flash Lite can work on mobile phones). But to call themselves “open” because of support for HTML5 is silly.

His last “sixth” reason is where I really disagree. Not allowing third party applications (like Adobe CS 5) to make IPhone applications because of fear of the quality is bullshit.

I ONLY use third party apps to make Flash content. Many people ONLY use third party apps to develop windows/java/android apps.

If I want to make a Flash app I can use Mac OR Windows and a bunch of programs. If I want to make an IPhone app Apple now requires me to buy a Mac and develop with their own Mac software.

Nice job encouraging competition Steve.