My name is Danny Miller. I’m a Georgia Tech alumni and I write about technology.

I’m the former cofounder and CTO of Heartbyte.

Check out my games if you haven’t already at K2xL.com

Contact me here: K2xL [at) K2xL (dot] com

You can find my resume here.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m a huge Psychopath fan but I’v been forever tortured on spaceship ever since chicken dude solved the level. Would you mind emailing me a guide or at least some hint?
    Thanks anyway,

  2. I’m unsure if my comment was put through so here it is again. I’m a huge psychopath fan but ever since Spaceship was changed it’s been torturing me for years. Could you please help with either a guide or helpful hints?
    Thanks anyway and thanks for the puzzle game it’s very creative and a work of genius.

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