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Brain Reaction

Lovers of Internet recreation have played all types of games, including first-person shooters, role-playing, pure action, gambling games via online casinos, mysteries, trivia, typing, and the list goes on and on. The gamers of the world are always looking for something a bit different. Enter Boomshine, a browser-based flash game that cleverly blends common sense with a little bit of luck, and the end result is summed up in one word: Entertaining.

Boomshine is a seemingly simplistic game controlled via your browser’s flash player. The object of the game is to click on any one of a number of randomly floating circles. Doing this will cause the clicked circle to expand (boom, in a sense), and the circumference will then envelop surrounding circles close enough to the action. What you’re left with – if done correctly – is a massive chain reaction of circles. Think about the way the Big Bang is taught, and how the universe began with a boom and then a chain reaction.

The game was created by Danny Miller, with the music supplied by Tim Halbert. The mouse-controlled Boomshine is addictive, mostly because it is challenging to complete each new level. Boomshine starts out simple, with users only having to envelop one other circle in the vicinity. But as the game progresses, you’re given tougher tasks – such as setting off a chain reaction of 27 spheres out of 45 floating within the perimeter. And though it may sound easy, a player’s timing and sense of direction must blend perfectly to advance through the more difficult levels.

Since the spheres carom off of the edges, billiards players might have a slight advantage. Anticipating which direction the circles are going is paramount; also knowing one click in the corner can prompt a chain reaction across the entire screen is a useful tidbit of knowledge. Players may spend their time chasing the direction of the circles, when they actually need to be focusing on how to reach all four corner of the square by way of chain reaction.

The game consists of 12 fun levels, with new high scores posted regularly. Once players get a feel for the task, the game moves pretty swiftly. But with the scoring system, barely squeaking by will not suffice; set off the ultimate chain reaction in each level to hold the high score. It’s definitely a challenge.

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