Superfast Base64 Actionscript Library

So I was using this Base64 Actionscript class for Base64 encoding/decoding a byte array while working on my cofounded project The Base64 class is by Jean-Philippe Auclair, and according to his own benchmarks, runs about 700% faster than Adobe’s own Base64. He has a nice explanation of how he made some improvements, and considering it was high up on Google’s search results for Base64, I started using it.

That is until I came across another Base64 Actionscript library over at Valentin Simonov’s blog.

BlooDHounD’s Crypt class turns out to be even faster than Jean’s class – about 17 times faster. The code for BlooDHounD’s class is unavailable (only a SWC is given). I imagine the library was written in C/C++ and exported to a SWC using Adobe Alchemy considering the speed improvements (alchemy applications can run way faster than AS3 native code).

5 thoughts on “Superfast Base64 Actionscript Library”

  1. “(alchemy applications can run way faster than AS3 native code).”
    alchemy isn’t “something else than native as3 code”. The way you build it let you use the opcodes that FlexSDK doesn’t use.
    The same thing with Azoth, you can post-process your swf builder in flashdevelop. it’s going to be as fast as the swc you are mentioning.
    In any case, it’s still pure as3.
    I strongly suggest anyone to take a look at Azoth. it’s a great tool.

  2. Yes but he’s using the fast-memory opcodes (alchemy)
    This mean that it could be part of the new Adobe pipe-line with a 9% Rev-share
    Depending on the project, it’s a bit tricky!

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