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Boomshine Flash Game ported to IPhone

Boomshine, my most popular Flash game, has just been released on the Apple ITunes store. You can now download it now on the IPhone or IPod touch.

Jacob Thurman , whose blog current theme is coincidently the same as mine (makes things a bit confusing), is a developer in Chicago who contacted me recently with a prototype. I worked with him to get the game to match the web version as close as possible, and I think he’s done a great job.

As a game designer, I can’t express in words the feeling I get that people will be playing Boomshine on the subway or on the street. It’s funny that the harder I work for opportunities the more they come to me.

Anyway, click here for the download link (will auto-open in ITunes, or if you’re viewing this on your IPhone it’ll launch directly on your IPhone’s store). New features are planned for future versions (global highscores, game modes, etc).

Boomshine will hopefully be the first of many of my game designs to be ported to IPhone.